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        As a Liberal Arts College, Huntingdon is committed to the development of responsible members of society.  This includes helping students develop a love of learning for its own sake, to delight in knowledge for the sake of knowledge.  We also recognize that students will eventually decide to leave Huntingdon.  Many will want to go on to graduate and professional schools.

        In this endeavor, they have been remarkably successful.  In the past fifteen years, about eighty-eight percent of our students who apply to medical school are admitted.  The percentage is even higher for law school and physical therapy programs.

        This page is designed to help students achieve career goals.  We provide general information on a variety of topics, including time frames for application, links to a large number of programs, admissions requirements, and the like.  In addition, each pre-professional program has an advisor designated to help students apply to programs in their area.  We are here to help you.

    How you can help your pre-professional advisor:
            See him or her when you think you might be interested in a particular field
            See him or her on a regular basis

    What your pre-professional advisor can do for you:
            Help you plan courses
            Help you work out a timetable for application
            Provide constructive criticism on your application essays
            Recommend programs for you
            Help you find internships
            Set up practice interviews for you

            Please note that  the programs below do not require any major in particular!  You should major in a subject you enjoy.  If you major in a discipline you like, you will do better and learn more, and have a better chance at getting into the school of your choice.

Please click a link to take you to the program that interests you.

Dual Degree- Engineering
Medicine, Dentistry, Optometry
Physical Therapy
Christian Education
Veterinary Medicine

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