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President Bush, above right, spoke to the 2002 WACA national conference; image courtesy of  Terry Wofford.  The other images are by Jeremy Lewis, from AWAC meetings.
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Information below thanks to Gen. Cleveland and Dr. Nathan; dates revised 19 August 2014, by Dr. Jeremy Lewis
Notes of World Affairs Councils of America's National Meeting, 13-15 Nov 2013, in Washington DC. 
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The Alabama World Affairs Council (AWAC) presents nationally and internationally known speakers from both civilian and military life. The mission of AWAC is to promote public awareness and understanding of international affairs as they relate to United States interests in the context of the political, economic, cultural, and military issues involved. AWAC is a member of the World Affairs Councils of America and is one of some 96 councils nationwide.  AWAC's individual membership fees are among the lowest in the nation, while the quality of the programs is among the highest in the nation.

Meetings are held six times a year, usually at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts in the Wynton Blount Cultural Park. Some presentations in connection with Air University have been held at Maxwell AFB and some at Auburn University Montgomery. The presentations at the Museum are held normally on a Tuesday evening during the period from September through May. An informal reception with a catered buffet (included in the annual membership dues) and a cash bar begins at 5:30.The lecture begins at 6:15, with a question-and-answer period at about 7:00. The evening ends no later than 7:30.

AWAC has attracted some of the leading authors, academics, and practitioners from both the U.S. and abroad. In the last few years, the council has had visits from, among many others, Sir Eldon Griffiths, Jacques Klein, Anthony Lake, British Ambassador Sir Christopher Meyer, Joseph Nye, John McLaughlin, Korean Ambassador Yang Sung Chul, Brent Scowcroft, General Michael Hayden, Ambassador Ryan Crocker, Chas Freeman, and Saudi Ambassador Prince Turki Al-Faisal. The year usually culminates in a May panel session in which the Air War College provides senior instructors as regional briefers recently returned from their travels to critical areas around the globe.

Student Outreach Programs
AWAC has supported occasional Great Decisions in foreign policy programs to reach students at local high schools, both public and private. The 2004 program was conducted at Huntingdon College over eight weeks of 90 minute sessions, with experts from the Air War College, and involved seven different schools. In 2009, AWAC permitted Huntingdon's student-organized Model United Nations team to mount a poster session, and individual members generously sponsored the team to participate in the MUN of New York. In 2011, the Great Decisions program was incorporated into the Huntingdon college core, as part of a new introductory course, World Politics -- and into the HC Honors core for highly qualified students.

Description of AWAC
AWAC has a membership of some 400 families and individuals and is one of the largest organizations of its kind in the South. On any given night, the usual audience turnout is 200 to 250. AWAC enjoys the support of Auburn University Montgomery, Huntingdon College, Air University, and the local business community. The Alabama Humanities Foundation over the last few years has supported AWAC with generous grants from a steadily dwindling source of Federal funds.

The dues structure allows virtually any interested member of the public to participate. E.g., high school students are admitted free as guests of the Board, and college students pay just $30 a year. The annual dues for a senior (65 or over) are $60, which admits the member to any or all of the presentations, including a generous buffet beforehand.  Individuals under 65 pay $80. A family membership for two is $100. A payment of $150 admits three people, and $250 secures four reserved seats. The payment of higher dues results in even more benefits.  The full dues structure and current pledge card is found here

The Board of Directors is made up of representatives from business, the academy, the military, state government, the press, and the education, legal, medical, and non-profit communities. The officers are:

President: Lt. Gen. Charles Cleveland USAF (Ret).
Vice President: Maj. Gen. Bowen Ballard USAFR (Ret).
Secretary: Nan Rosa
Treasurer: MaryAnne Douglass
The Executive Director is Dr. James Nathan, Khaled bin Sultan Eminent Scholar at Auburn University Montgomery.

Why, then, the world's mine oyster. Which I with sword will open.
-- William Shakespeare, Pistol to Falstaff in The Merry Wives of Windsor, Act 2 Scene 2.

Coming Events, 2014-15: 
5:30 pm, Tuesdays unless noted, at the Museum of Fine Arts, Blount Park, Montgomery.
(Click speakers' names for notes, uploaded a few days after each presentation.)

Tues 23 Sep 2014: Sally Colby, Professor, recently Senior Advisor to the President of Mexico for countering violence and corruption, formerly Deputy Director General of the OECD, an Ambassador in Latin America and senior officer at USAID.

Tues 14 Oct 2014: PJ Crowley, Professor of Strategy and former Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, with prior experience in two administrations at the National Security Council.

Tues 9 Dec 2014: Bret Stephens, Pulitzer prize-winning journalist for the Wall Street Journal

Tues 20 Jan 2015: Valerie Plame Wilson, formerly senior covert officer at the CIA, and the principal American responsible for counter proliferation before 9/11. She was central to the discovery and elimination of an off-the-shelf nuclear weapons smuggling scheme organized by Pakistan.

Tues 24 Feb 2015: Marc Grossman, formerly Ambassador to Turkey and State Dept staff officer

Wednesday 19 April 2015: William Moomaw, professor emeritus of Tufts University and former chair of the UN committee on climate change. 

Tues 12 May 2015: Senior Air War College Instructors, "Report to Alabama" on their recent trips to areas of interest around the globe as part of the AWC Regional and Cultural Studies Program.

Recent past  Events, 2013-14:
Click names to view biographies and notes. See Images and Facebook links above for audience photos.

24 September 2013: Tom Timberman, "Nation Building in Wartime: Why it's Difficult," trainer/advisor on Iraq/Afghanistan reconstruction 

22 October 2013: Maurice McTigue, Vice President, Mercatus Center

12 November 2013: Rex Adams, Chairman, Invesco, Inc.

World Affairs Councils of America's National Meeting, with an absolutely stellar list of speakers, was held 13-15 Nov 2013 in Washington DC.

Jim Nathan, Executive Director, guest column, "On Kerry's Whirlwind Diplomacy. Not so Bad," Montgomery Advisertiser, November 2013

21 January 2014: Dr. Lawrence Korb, "New Financial Constraints & US Foreign Policy," Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress

25 February 2014: Dr. Itonde Kakoma, "Current African Wars and the State of Ongoing Diplomacy—A View from the Ground," Assistant Director, Jimmy Carter Presidential Center. [Play video track.]

21-22 March 2014: AWAC members were invited to join the conference of the Alabama Political Science Association, at Huntingdon College.  Panels and round table discussions featured (among others) Air University faculty and officers on international security and world politics, in addition to other faculty on civil rights issues. A guest fee of $25 included the Friday 6 pm dinner. Membership was waived for AWAC members.

15 April 2014: Rep. Donald Manzullo, President, KEI, "The Future of Korea," with Korean diplomatic speakers.

13 May 2014: Senior Air War College Instructors "Report to Alabama" on their recent trips to areas of interest around the globe as part of the AWC Regional and Cultural Studies Program.

Past  Events, 2012-13:
Click names to view biographies and notes. See Images and Facebook links above for audience photos.

11 September 2012: Brian Latell,"Fidel Castro's Secrets and the Future of Cuba." CIA operative, National Intelligence Officer for Latin America, tracked Fidel for CIA since the 60s. Author of three books.

9 October 2012: Ambassador Edmund Hull, "The Arab revolutions, 2011-12: a tectonic shift." Former U.S. Ambassador to Yemen, many high-level posts in State Department. Expert on counterterrorism, fluent in Arabic.

27 November 2012: Dr. Nader Hashemi, "Understanding Muslim Societies." On faculty of University of Denver, expert on the politics of the Middle East and on the nature of Islam.

8 January 2013: Col. Michael Meese, PhD, "The Future of Counterterrorism." Director of Combating Terrorism Center and Head of Social Sciences Department at the United States Military Academy, West Point.

12 February 2013: Ambassador Francois Delattre, "French-American Relations." French Ambassador to the U.S., Former Ambassador to Canada, has held his current post since February 2011.

14 May 2013: Air War College Instructors "Report to Alabama" on their recent trips to areas of interest around the globe as part of the AWC Regional and Cultural Studies Program.

AWAC members are also invited to hear a presentation by Gen. Richard Myers, former Chair of the Joint Chiefs, at the Capital City Club on 23 May 2013, 11:00-12:30 with a luncheon for $30 per person. Register by 17 May, at (334) 953-3174/5 or at 

Past  Events, 2011-12:
Click names to view biographies and notes

13 September 2011: Charles J. Dunlap, Jr. , "National Security Legal Issues: What's Hot," (Maj. Gen. USAF, Retired). A faculty member of Duke University Law School, he is a former Deputy Judge Advocate, USAF, who taught at USAF's JAG School at Maxwell AFB, Montgomery. 

4 October 2011: Adam Segal, "How we can Overcome the Asian Challenge," Ira A. Lipman Senior Fellow for Counterterrorism and National Security Studies, Council on Foreign Relations. Expert on Chinese policy and cybersecurity. 

In October, The Montgomery Advertiser published this column by Gen. Cleveland.

8 November 2011: Peter Evans, "Sources of the US Comparative Advantage in Energy," Director of Global Strategy and Planning, GE Energy Infrastructure. Evans has extensive international energy experience.

AWAC MEMBERS INVITED: On 6-7 December 2011, as part of the Air Force Symposium Series and in support of Air Force Research Institute's research on the development of a long-range strategy for the Asia-Pacific region, Air University hosted a two-day conference  designed to bring leading scholars and practitioners together for an open discussion on the future of the region. For more information please visit

February 7, 2012: Bing West, Rand Corporation analyst, and former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs. 

6 March 2012: Dr. Susan Kaufman Purcell, Director, Center for Hemispheric Policy, University of Miami. A recognized expert on Latin America, she has served as  Vice President of the Council of the Americas. 

8 May 2012: Four senior Air War College instructors report to the Council on their recent trips.

Past  Events, 2010-11:
Click names to view biographies, notes

10 May 2011: Senior Air War College Instructors report on their regional tours

15 March 2011: Col. Andrew Bacevich, PhD, gave the annual Stallworth lecture at Huntingdon College.  President West warmly invited AWAC members to this free event, 7pm in Ligon Chapel.

8 March 2011: Charlie Kupchan, "Enemies into Friends: How Peace Breaks Out".  Professor of International Affairs at Georgetown University.  [Images on web | Facebook photo album]

1 February 2011: "The Future of Korea," with a panel of speakers led by Ambassador Charles (Jack) Pritchard, President, Korea Economic Institute.  [Voice tracks]

16 November 2010: Dennis Lockhart, President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

26 October 26 2010: Amb. Ivan Barbalic, Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the United Nations

28 September 2010: Tom McInerney, conservative commentator on Military affairs.

Past events, 2009-10:
Click names to view biographies, notes | Facebook Album, '09-10 | Images on web '09-10 | Hi-res images

4 May 2010: Senior Air War College Instructors reported on their regional tours, moderated by Dr. Mark Conversino. 

6 April 2010: Dr. William Moomaw, Professor of International Environment Policy and Director of the Center for International Environment and Resource Policy, Tufts University. Expert on Global Warming and graduate of Lanier High School. 

22 February 2010 (Monday): Dr. Hans Mark, "The Dangers of Nuclear Proliferation." Director of NASA's Ames Research Center (and formerly at Livermore Labs), Secretary of the Air Force, and Chancellor, University of Texas system. 

3 November 2009: Amb. Ryan Crocker, "Iraq/AfPak: Retrospects and Prospects." Ambassador to Pakistan, 2004-2007, Ambassador to Iraq, 2007-2009.

1 November 2009 (Sunday), additional event:Gen. Michael Hayden, "The State of US Intelligence." Former director of the National Security Agency and Central Intelligence Agency.  (Alternative location: Taylor center, at Auburn University Montgomery)

13 October 2009: Edward (Jack) Hardin, top corporate attorney from Atlanta. Member of International Bar Association, Council on Foreign Relations.  (This speaker has been brought forward.)
May be rescheduled: Amb. John Kelly, Ambassador-in-Residence, Sam Nunn School of International Relations, Georgia Tech. 

29 September 2009: Janet Guyon, "The Web and the Decline of News Outlets."Managing Editor of Bloomberg News; nine years with Fortune Magazine; 18 years with the Wall Street Journal as reporter, editor, and producer

Past events, 2008-09:
Click names to view biographies, notes; and see Images '08-09.
5 May 2009: Four senior Air War College instructors reported on their recent trips to hot spots around the globe, as part of the AWC's Regional Studies Program. Moderator: Dr. Mark Conversino.  Presenters: Dr. Lawrence Grinter (Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan); Dr. Nikolas Gardner: (France, Germany, United Kingdom); and Dr. Amit Gupta: (India). 

10 March 2009: Dr. Brian Latell, Latin America and Caribbean specialist, particularly on Cuba, for the last four decades. Retired from the CIA where he tracked Fidel and Raoul Castro, he is currently a senior associate in the Center for Strategic and International Studies and a member of the University of Miami faculty.  His book, After Fidel, is an insider's view of the future of Cuba.

3 February 2009: Mr. Bret Stephens, "Israel and Hamas: The End Game," Foreign Affairs columnist, and member of the editiorial board for the Wall Street Journal.  Named a Young Global Leader by, and a media fellow at, the World Economic Forum, .  Former editor-in-chief (at age 28) of The Jerusalem Post.

21 October 2008: Dr. Lawrence J. Korb,  "Challenges for the Next Administration", defense analyst, Senior Fellow at American Progress, and Senior Advisor to the Center for Defense Information.  He was a member of the Council on Foreign relations for many years.  Dr. Korb served as Assistant Secretary of Defense for Manpower and Reserve Affairs from 1981 through 1985.  He has spoken to our Council twice before, is a sought-after analyst and speaker on TV, and has written 20 books on national security.

7 October 2008: Amb. Robert E. Hunter, Senior Advisor to the RAND corporation, a leading figure in US foreign policy and national security for more than three decades.  He served on the National Security Council staff under President Carter, and was US Ambassador to NATO under President Clinton.

Additional opportunity on 23 September 2008: Bret Stephens, "Israel: Challenges at Age 60," foreign affairs columnist for the Wall Street Journal, at 7:30 pm at the Embassy Suites hotel.  Courtesy of AIPAC, free access for AWAC members -- but individual reservations required (contact information mailed to our members).

16 September 2008: Lee Cullum, "World Affairs and Middle America".  Ms. Cullum is a well-known columnist in print (Dallas Morning News), radio (NPR, All Things Considered) and television (PBS, Newshour with Jim Lehrer). 

Past events, 2007-08:
Click names to view biographies, notes and images.
6 May, 2008. Four Air War College senior instructors reported on their trips to visit various hotspots around the world as part of the AWC Regional Studies Program.

8 April 2008. Peter Zeihan, "Iraq: From Beginning to End".Director of Global Analysis, Strategic Forecasting, Inc., or Stratfor, a private intelligence agency.

15 January 2008, Amb. Chas. Freeman, "The Middle East: U.S. Policy, Oil and Water," President, Middle East Policy Council and Co-Chair of U.S. China Policy Foundation, former Asst. Secretary of Defense for international affairs, and then US ambassador to Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf war. 

20 November, 2007. John Pomfret, currently the editor of the Outlook section of the Washington Post, is the author of the acclaimed book, "Chinese Lessons."  Educated at Stanford University and Nanjing University, he was the chief of the Chinese Bureau of the Washington Post during the Tiananmen Square incident. He speaks Mandarin plus four other languages and is married to a Chinese entrepreneur. He will speak on the new China.

16 October, 2007. Arthur Herman, “Why Iran Acts the Way it Does.” Coordinator of the Smithsonian's Western Heritage Program. Successful author, college professor, and conservative commentator on current issues. Books include "How the Scots Invented the Western World."

11 September, 2007. Major General USA (Ret) William L. Nash, Senior Fellow for Conflict Prevention at the Council on Foreign Relations. A West Point graduate, he has a distinguished combat record in two wars and peacekeeping experience in Bosnia and Kosovo.

Past Events, 2006-07
[images] [High res. images]
Click names to view biographies, notes and images.

24 April, 2007. Four senior Air War College instructors reported on their recent trips to hot spots around the globe as part of the AWC Regional Studies Program.  Moderator: Col. Stephen Wright, PhD, Dean of AWC
    Dr. Dave Sorenson: The Middle East
    Dr. Steve Burgess: Africa
    Dr. Amit Gupta: India, Pakistan

Additional Opportunity: 15 March 2007. U.S. Energy Security Luncheon, sponsored by the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce.  Speaker: John Hofmeister, President of Shell Oil Company, 11:30 at the RSA Activities Center, 201 Dexter Avenue.  $25 per person. RSVP to Patsy Guy NLT 8 March at 240-9434 or by email at

[Another opportunity, note from Gordon G. Martin: AL Power and AUM held a public affairs forum featuring Dr. David Sorensen on the middle east, substituting for former Director of Central Intelligence James Woolsey, 22 Feb, at 11:30am]

6 February, 2007. Panel of speakers, China experts:
    * Dr. James Nathan, AUM, Moderator
    * Dr. Lawrence Grinter, Air War College
    * Cornelis "Kees" Keur, Air War College
    * Dr. David Lai, Air War College 

23 January, 2007. His Royal Highness Prince Turki Al-Faisal, Saudi Ambassador to the United States. For 25 years, he was the Chief of the Saudi Foreign Intelligence Service. He spoke on Saudi-U.S. relations in the fight against terrorism. 

12 December, 2006. Dr. Richard Millett, "The Rise of Populist and Anti-American Governments in South America." Specialist on South America, particularly the Andean Ridge. Received his PhD from the University of New Mexico and is a graduate of the Air War College. 

17 October, 2006. Dr. Brian Latell, "What Next After Fidel?  Latin America and Cuba specialist for the last 40 years, including 35 years in the CIA. An acclaimed author, he he has taught at the University of Miami and Georgetown University, where he earned his PhD. 

Past events, 2005-06:
Click some names to view biographies; click speech titles for notes and images.
23 May '06 
Dr. Anthony Lake, Distinguished Professor of Diplomacy at Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service  at Georgetown University.
 Service includes U.S. State Department 1962-1997; aide to Amb Henry Cabot Lodge in Vietnam; aide to Sec State Henry Kissinger; head of State Department Policy Planning Council 1977-1981; National Security Advisor to President Clinton 1993-1997. 

11 April '06 
Air War College instructors give a Report to Alabama on their recent regional trips
          Moderator: Col. Stefan Eisen, Dean of Academic Affairs at the AWC.
          Speaker: Dr. David Sorenson on Israel and Egypt
          Speaker: Dr. Adam Cobb on Indonesia and Malaysia
          Speaker: Dr. Mark Conversino on Russia

1 Mar. '06, 7:15 for 7:30 am, Breakfast in Montgomery room, Capital City Club.
Prof. Carlos Eire, "US-Cuban relations." Prof. Eire is the novelist and Riggs Professor of History and Religion, Yale University, author of the 2003 National Book Award-winning memoir of growing up before the cuban revolution, Waiting for Snow in Havana.  Ticketed breakfast event at Capitol City Club, downtown Montgomery, courtesy of President Cameron West, Huntingdon College.  Complimentary parking deck access provided. 

1 Mar. '06, 3:30-4:30pm, President's Colloquium, Flowers Hall, Huntingdon College.
Prof. Carlos Eire, "Reflections of a Life of Teaching." Courtesy of President Cameron West, Huntingdon College.

28 February, 7:30 pm, Prof. Carlos Eire, "Is Freedom a Luxury? Confessions of a Cuban Boy," free, public lecture by Dr. Eire in Ligon Chapel of Huntingdon College in Flowers Hall.  AWAC members particularly welcome.

7 Feb. '06
Jerry Leach, "Turkey and the European Union," President, World Affairs Councils of America, Washington D.C.

6 Dec. '05
Ambassador Chas Freeman, "China: Rising rather than Returning", President of Middle East Policy Council, Fmr. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, 1990-91

8 Nov. '05
Brig Gen Russell Howard, "Terorism Then and Now", Director of the Jebsen Center for Counter-Terrorism Studies at the Fletcher School, Tufts University and recently retired from his position as Head of the Department of Social Sciences at West Point. [Image]

Tuesday 20 Sep, '05
John McLaughlin, "Intelligence and the CIA", Acting Director of the CIA between the resignation of George Tenet in July 2004 and the appointment of Porter Goss. [Image]

(AWAC Board of Directors Meeting : September 14, 2005, United Way Office, 12:00-1:30)

Past events, 2004-05:
Click some names to view biographies; click speech titles for notes and images.

Tuesday 10 May '05 
Air War College Regional Studies Program.  [Notes
Senior War College instructors reported on their recent visits to global hot spots.
Col. (Dean) Stef Eisen chaired
Dr Chris Hemmer discussed Arab-Israeli relations
Dr LE Grinter discussed Vietnam and China
Dr Glenn Lamar discussed France and Spain

Tuesday 12 April '05
Dr. Edward L. Morse, "Oil prices and the International Energy Sector: What Next?" [Notes] Morse is senior director and executive adviser for Hess Energy Trading Company and former owner/publisher of Petroleum Intelligence Weekly.  A renowned international expert on energy, he spoke on the worldwide outlook for energy supply, and the tension between Russia and Saudi Arabia for international oil ascendancy. 

Tuesday 15 Mar. '05 
Paul Smyke, [Notes] [Images] senior adviser to the World Economic Forum on its relations with the US public and private sectors. A Swiss-American political analyst, he spoke on the effects of globalization, nationally and in Alabama.

Thursday 9 Dec. '04 
Ambassador Jean-David Levitte,"US-French Bilateral Relations." [Notes] French Ambassador to the United States since December 2002. Educated as a lawyer, oriental linguist and political scientist, he has been in the French Foreign Service for 34 years, last serving as Ambassador to the United Nations.  For five years, he was an advisor to President Chirac.

Tuesday 19 Oct. '04
Victor Comras, [Notes] Minister Counselor (Ret.) State Dept, a noted authority on international trade sanctions.  Following years as a diplomat in Africa, Canada and eastern Europe, he led the implementation of UN sanctions on Yugoslavia.  He recently served as one of five members of the United Nations group overseeing implementation of sanctions against Iraq, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and other terrorist groups.

Tuesday 21 Sep. '04
Jack Jacobs, "Why has the US not been attacked since 9/11/01?", [images], [Hi-Res images], McDermott distinguished professor at West Point and military news analyst for NBC and MSNBC.  A successful businessman in finance, he is the recipient of three bronze stars, two silver stars, and the congressional medal of honor (for heroism as an infantry officer in Vietnam).  He retired from the army as a Colonel, and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Past events, 2003-04:
Click names to view biographies; click speech titles for notes and images.

May 18, 2004 
Air War College Regional Studies Program.  Senior War College instructors reported on their recent visits to global hot spots.

March 2, 2004
Speakers from the Saudi Arabian Chamber of Commerce.
Mrs. Samar Fatany, Mr. Omar A. Bahlaiwa, and Mr. Vaughan Fitzpatrick gave discussions of "Islam and Saudi Arabia", "The History of US-Saudi Relations", and "Diversity in Islam".  They gave several presentations at Huntingdon College, First United Methodist Church, and at a lunch for AWAC at the Capitol City Club.  Notes and images here are from the Great Decisions program discussion at Huntingdon College.

February 3, 2004 (at Maxwell AFB)
Don Oberdorfer, "The Two Koreas." Currently resident scholar at Johns Hopkins University, he is a nationally known author and expert on Korea and the Pacific rim. He wrote "The Two Koreas," the gold standard text for that area. He was a journalist for the Washington Post for 38 years, twice winning prestigious awards as a diplomatic correspondent.

Nov 18, 2003
Sir Eldon Griffiths, "The future of relations between the US and Europe." 
President of WACA, former member of parliament for Bury St. Edmonds and commons foreign affairs committee.  Delegate to Council of Europe and European Union; advisor to the British police. Minister of sport and under secretary of environment.  Government spokesman on European and NATO issues, knighted 1988.  Former journalist for Time and editor for Newsweek.  Chair, Korea-America friendship society of southern California.
Note: owing to foul weather delaying Sir Eldon's flights, Prof. Grant Hammond of Air War College gave an excellent impromptu speech on the changing nature of international security.  Sir Eldon instead spoke twice on Nov 19th at Maxwell AFB and the Capital City Club.

Nov 18, 2003
Prof. Grant Hammond, Air War College, "The changing nature of international security."  Dr. Hammond holds degrees from Harvard University and the Johns Hopkins University's SAIS. He is the author of several books, and a number of scholarly articles.
The impromptu address was based on his book manuscript, The Revolution in Security Affairs.

Oct 28, 2003
PDAS Charles R. Snyder, "US Policy in Africa."
Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Africa, director of Regional Affairs, State Department.  Career Africanist, on National Intelligence Council at CIA, 1992-95.  US Army and Defense Intelligence Agency.  BA Fordham University in Economics, MBA American University.  Numerous articles on African affairs. 

Sep 30, 2003
Ambassador Bruce Laingen, "Iran: Axis of Evil, or Opportunity?"
[images] [High Res images]
President of American Academy of Diplomacy; highly decorated diplomat; executive director of the Volcker commission on public service.  Author, Yellow Ribbon: The Secret Journal of Bruce Laingen (1992) about his experiences as a hostage in Iran, 1979-80.

Past events, 2002-03:
Click names to view biographies, and click speech titles for notes and images.
May 13, 2003
Air War College Regional Studies Program Report. Senior War College instructors report on their visits to international hot spots.  (Often one of the best received presentations of the year).
Modified in 2003: owing to the cancellation of trips, Dr. Record and Dr. Sorenson spoke on the Middle East.

March 11, 2003
Dr. Michael Ledeen, "War Against Terrorism", author and former Reagan administration national security council official.

February 4, 2003
Dr. Robert Gallucci, "The Axis of Evil -- What Next?" 
Images, low-res: [Gallucci]; [members]; [HC students]; [Hi-res images List].
Dean of Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service.  He served the US Government for 21 years, e.g., as Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs, and in the lead role dealing with nuclear proliferation and the disarmament of Iraq, and well as the negotiations with North Korea.

December 3, 2002
Amb. Yang Sung-chul, Korean ambassador to the US, member of Korean Economic Institute, former Professor of Political Science at the University of Kentucky, expert on Korean reunification and economic affairs, e.g. Hyundai.

October 8, 2002
Maj. Gen. Perry Smith, USAF Retd., "The Coming War with Iraq."
Gen. Smith was Commandant of the National War College, a combat fighter pilot, a high level planner, a noted author, a military analyst and media commentator with CNN (in the Gulf War) NBC and CBS.  He also is noted for having protested the false media reports about Operation Tailwind during the Vietnam War.

Driving time from downtown Montgomery in rush hour will be about 20-25 minutes.

From downtown: take Interstate 85 North (to Atlanta) for about 5 miles to Exit 6 (Route 231 South); take a right off the exit onto 231 South, the East Blvd, then second left onto Woodmere Blvd, (which is at a stoplight, with a Speedy Cash pawn shop (really) on the near corner and a PNC Bank on the far corner), then proceed one-half mile to Blount (Shakespeare) Park on your right. In the park, take the first left to the Museum at the sign for "Deliveries."

From the east: take I-85 South to Exit 6; turn Left onto Route 231 South, the East Boulevard, then continue as above.

From the South: Route 231 North, the Troy Highway, turns right at East Blvd. From there, follow 231 North, the East Blvd, approximately two-and-a-half miles to Woodmere Blvd; turn right and proceed as above.

The reception area and auditorium of the Museum of Fine Arts are wheelchair accessible, security guards are on hand, and the sound system has been tuned with the active participation of the audience.  There is ample parking available.

The AWAC welcomes those of diverse persuasions who share an interest in world affairs.

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