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Images with Amb. Bruce Laingen, 30 Sep. 2003
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2003-2003 Notes
(by Jeremy Lewis; last revised 1 Oct. '03.)
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Huntingdon students and faculty with Ambassador Bruce Laingen.  In some of the 
more amusing conversations during the evening, Amb. Laingen, a graduate of St. Olaf 
college, spoke a little Norwegian with Negin who speaks Danish and Margaret, Swedish.

Negin Ahmadi (Denmark) makes her points as Mindy Bevan (Global Leadership) listens.
Jeremy Davis, Negin and Mindy Bevan enjoy the Ambassador's Norwegian humor.
Left: Mindy Bevan (Global Leadership) chats with the ambassador.
Right: Adam Farquhar (International Studies) and Kevin Akins (Communications and politics).

Huntingdon students Margaret Enfinger, Rhadika Iyer (India), and Negin Ahmadi (Denmark).
Margaret Enfinger and Rhadika Iyer (India) chat with the ambassador.
Dr. Lewis with Gen. Cleveland, Amb. Laingen and Dr. Nathan (AUM).
Amb. Laingen meets other arrivals.

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