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Ann Clancy at orientation

Meet the New Gang:

Class of 2015, Political Science majors, minors and friends:

(by Jeremy Lewis; revised 1 April 2014. Please correct your info for me.
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Kaison Darden at orientation

Ann Clancy at orientation

Ann E. Clancy
Political Science

Ann has enjoyed Alabama World Affairs Council speakers; she is also a keen runner, and politically active.  Even as a freshman, she received the political science award. Ann interned for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) for a summer, and then studied abroad in 2013-14 at Queens's University, Belfast, on our Irish Exchange program.

Kaison Darden at orientation

Kaison Darden

Political Science and History
Kaison has enjoyed Alabama World Affairs Council speakers, presented numerous readings, won the political science award, and brought a German student, Alex, to speak to class.

Victoria Katy Garren

Political Science

Katy, a former softball player, transferred to us from Troy University in spring 2014.

Friends of Political Science
(May be in other majors, or former students, who have taken political science courses)

Class of 2015
Lyndi Bradley
Panama City Beach, FL
Some political science coursework

Lyndi, who transferred in for the Fall of 2012, was on the Hawks cheerleading squad and a weightlifter.  She was interested in international non-profit advocacy against human trafficking.

Julia Denney at orientation

Julia Denney
Valparaiso Florida
Political Science coursework

A devout Christian, Julia played keyboards for chapel; she also was an enthusiastic runner.  Even as a freshman, she received the political science award. She transferred to the Florida panhandle, closeer to home.

Mark Dominic "Dom" Hubbard
St. Louis (but on the Illinois side)
History & Political Science coursework
Dom ascribed to the College Democrats; he described himself as a Messianic Jew; and his interests included aircraft mechanics (he holds the license); and the martial arts (he is a junior instructor in Babine's Hapkido). Dom played a full part in our political science backyard rugby.

Kevin Moseley
Prattville, AL
Prattville HS
Political Science coursework and History

Formerly a football player, now still a fan, he listens to any kind of music except country.  Has travelled to every southern US state, and speaks a little Spanish. Although an Air Force son, he has not left the country.  He plans on becoming a politician or a public official, and is interested in helping run a political campaign.

Amanda Wineman at orientation

Amanda Wineman
Cut Bend, Montana
English and Political Science coursework

Amanda came to us with multiple scholarships from her home town.  Even as a freshman, she received the political science award.

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