Résumé of Jeremy R.T. Lewis, PhD

Professor of Political Science, with tenure, Huntingdon College. Revised 17 December 2017.

Political Science program, Box 947, Huntingdon College, 1500 E. Fairview Ave, Montgomery AL 36106.
Voice: (334) 833-4521; Fax: (334) 833-4272 or 833-4486 | e-mail: jlewis@huntingdon.edu.
Extensive website: www.Political-Science.org; alias JeremyLewis.org; World Affairs web: www.AWAC.us; "IPSA-RC48" web pages.
Dr. Lewis holds both British and United States nationalities. His two daughters are also political scientists.

Subjects and degrees
American and British national politics; public policy; voters, parties & elections; presidency; executive politics, public administration & bureaucracy; public organization theory; West European politics; and international relations. Research focus: official transparency and freedom of information in the US and UK.

Scholarly awards and skills Current position Teaching and administrative experience, summary Publications, selected Recent conference presentations External professional service, a summary REFEREES: