Converting Palm desktop data from a dead Palm handheld to MS Outlook on desktop, sources:
has cross tables including Palm, Psion, Symbian and Windows PC.
Palm OS DateBook If you're looking to convert Datebook entries from your Palm or Visor, into another format such as Pocket PC, then going via MS Outlook is probably the best route. Supplied with your Palm is a program called Pocket Mirror, from Chapura which lets you synchronise to Outlook. Psion or Pocket PC can then be synchronised with Outlook.
You may like to look at DIMEX from - This shareware program can convert datebook appointments to CSV format. Alternatively, try DatebookCSV
As a last resort, individual Datebook entries can be exported as vCal entries from Palm Desktop, or in some cases can be beamed to another machine.

Palm OS Address Book import/export
Palm Desktop, the free software supplied with Palm OS devices, allows import of contact information in comma-delimited, tab-delimited, or vCard (.vcf format). It can also export your Address Book as a delimited text file.

You may like to look at AIMEX from - This shareware program can convert contact entries to CSV format.

Palm OS Address Book to Outlook  If you're looking to convert Address Book entries from your Palm or Visor into another format such as Pocket PC, then going via MS Outlook is probably the best route. Supplied with your Palm is a program called Pocket Mirror, from Chapura which lets you synchronise to Outlook. Psion or Pocket PC can then be synchronised with Outlook.
Contacts: Palm OS users can synchronise using Palm Desktop, which also supports the exporting of export comma and tab delimited text files.

Synchronisation links:
    * Intellisync from has data synchronisation solutions for Palm, Pocket PC and Symbian OS handheld devices to the following desktop formats: Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Outlook Express and Schedule+, as well as Lotus Notes and Lotus Organiser. It's also the solution used by Microsoft for Calendar synchronisation over the Internet with Microsoft MSN.
convert Palm OS date book information (.dba files) to MS outlook. Are any utilities available to do this conversion?

* If you have a Yahoo account set up you can import Palm date book information (.dba) to Yahoo's calendar and then export it directly to MS Outlook format. Before you do this conversion you must install a program from Yahoo called Intellisync. Overall the process is fairly simple and works very well. I was able to transfer 640 palm date book records over to Outlook without a problem.

*  I used a program called "Outlook Connect" when I bought my Axim. It exports your Palm dates, addresses, tasks, and notes to Outlook. It's easy to use and it seems reliable. I downloaded it from Handango. It DOES require Palm desktop version 4.1, but that's a free download from if you don't already have it.,112423-page,1/article.html
Moving From Palm to Pocket PC

Right out of the box, Palm users can choose to sync their handhelds with either the Palm Desktop or Microsoft Outlook. The only out-of-the-box option Pocket PC owners have is to sync their PDA with the Outlook desktop application. (Third-party options are available, however.)

This means converting from Palm to Pocket PC typically requires you to migrate your Palm data into Outlook. Here's how:

   1. Start by HotSyncing to back up any data recently added to your Palm. You should also copy your Palm data files (the default location is usually c:/applications/palm) onto an external hard drive, a CD-R, or another storage device.
   2. Insert the Palm software CD and reinstall the Palm Desktop. During installation, choose Microsoft Outlook as the desktop program to which you'll synchronize.
   3. When you finish the installation, restart the HotSync Manager. Then HotSync your Palm to import your Palm application data into Outlook.
   4. Now insert the CD that came with your Pocket PC. Once you've installed the Pocket PC software, perform an ActiveSync to copy your Outlook data onto the Pocket PC.

The Palm to Pocket PC translation isn't entirely 100 percent. For example, Palm address book categories such as Business and Personal don't translate into Outlook. That's where third-party programs can help.

Other Options
Several third-party programs offer more robust options for moving data from Palms to Pocket PCs (and vice versa).
    * Chapura offers several Outlook-to-Palm software utilities, such as KeySuite 2.0 ($50), which installs Microsoft Outlook-like utilities on your Palm. PocketMirror 3.1.3 Professional ($50) adds more Outlook-like capabilities to the standard, built-in Palm apps. And PocketMirror 3.1.3 Standard ($40) offers basic syncing between Outlook and the standard Palm utilities.
    * DataViz's Beyond Contacts ($50) installs its own Outlook-style programs on your Palm PDA for more extensive support of Outlook fields, such as birthdays and anniversaries. You can check the Product Finder for the latest prices.
    * Pumatech claims that its Intellisync ($70) is the only program that lets you simultaneously sync PDA data with multiple applications, such as Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, Lotus Notes and Organizer, Symantec Act, and others. Other features include "intelligent" field mapping and custom filtering, the company says. For the latest prices, go to our Product Finder.
Slipstick recommends Address Magic Personal Edition to help Windows users convert address books between the address book formats below. A portion of each sale helps support this web site.

Can use as a Source or Destination
# CSV (comma-delimited files)
# Microsoft Outlook 97 through 2003
# Netscape 4.x
# Outlook Express
# Outlook Personal Address Book/PAB
# Palm Desktop (before v4.1.4)
# Windows Address Book/WAB

 Supported as a Source only
# HTML page
# Mozilla 1.2 through 1.8
# Netscape 6.2, 7.x
# Thunderbird
Address Magic Personal Edition

Address Magic Personal Edition helps you to quickly copy your email address book or contacts between over 25 popular email applications. For example, if you have decided to go from Netscape to Hotmail, Address Magic will allow you to bring your contacts with you. Exclusive technology in Address Magic automatically solves the complexities of finding your address books and matching up the fields.
    * Preserves contact information including phone numbers, street addresses, and company information.
    * Automatically locates your address book files.
    * Full distribution list support.
    * Saves hours of retyping your addresses.
    * Simple enough to be used by beginners, powerful enough to be used by people who greatly depend on their address books.
    * Try it risk free with our Money Back Guarantee.

Supported Applications
    * AOL (America Online) 4 through 9*
    * CompuServe 2000, 6.0 and 7.0*
    * CSV (comma-delimited files)
    * Eudora Light/Pro
    * GroupWise® 5.5 and later
    * Hotmail Plus
    * LDIF
    * Lotus Notes
    * Microsoft Exchange Server
    * Exchange Global Address List/GAL*
    * Mozilla 1.2 through 1.8*
    * Netscape 6.2, 7.x*
    * Microsoft Outlook 97 through 2003
    * Netscape 4.x
    * Opera 6/7
    * Outlook Express
    * Outlook Personal Address Book/PAB
    * Palm Desktop (before v4.1.2)
    * Pine
    * Pegasus*
    * Thunderbird*
    * vCard
    * Windows Address Book/WAB
    * Wal-Mart Connect*

*Applications with a star can only be used as a source, not a destination.
Price on web site: $30 download, personal edition.
Use the data on the desktop in Palm Desktop. This is best for users that no longer have their Palm.    You can use one of the three options to import your data from Palm Desktop into Outlook:
a. You can use PocketCopy to convert your Palm Desktop data into Outlook. [] [$25 online]
b. You can export the Address Book into a Comma Separated Values format which you can import into Outlook.  Open Palm Desktop, click on the Address icon.  Then select File - Export and then name the file.  Also, you need to select CSV format.  Then you can do the reverse in Outlook. Click on File - Import and Export.  Then you can select the Import from another program or file. Select Comma Separated Values and then you can select where to import the data.
c. For the Calendar information you can use datebookCSV to export it into CSV format and then import it into Outlook.
[ includes button for free trial; price unknown]
PDAssistant merges your Outlook and Palm Desktop contacts
By Christopher Grant
Unless you wish to spend time writing code to produce each platform's import file format, you better find a third party utility. You'll do well to consider a tiny application developed by Josh Whitman of TrailsWeb (at called PDAssistant.

Synchronized contacts
PDAssistant is an interface utility that provides Palm OS and Outlook users with a bridge to port contact information from one application to the other. It doesn't communicate directly with either database, rather it relies solely on the ability to read/write from an Access and an ASCII file. The actual import and export of the data is performed within both the Palm Desktop software and Outlook.
This is the first release of PDAssistant. It's a wonderful time-saving utility for those users that need to port contact information back and forth from Outlook and the Palm Desktop application. As it's the first release, I found a few areas that could be improved upon. For example, some of my contacts have middle initials. I had configured PDAssistant to convert non-standard Palm OS fields/columns into the memo field. I would have expected a person's middle initial to be appended to that person's first name instead. Another anomaly was contacts that didn't have a birth date entered in their record now have '0/0/00' instead of a null field.

Still, PDAssistant is fast and simple to use and saved hours, if not days, of frustration. At a current price of $4.95 [outdated, see below]
PDAssistant is designed to work quickly so conversions are simple and hassle-free. Additionally, PDAssistant is available for only $9.95, making it a truly cost-effective way to facilitate contact transfers.

Sorry, PDAssistant won't convert Calendar data...
If you need to transfer calendar information, visit the following sites for information about their products:
CompanionLink from CompanionLink Software [ ]
Desktop-To-Go from DataViz [ ]
IntelliSync from PumaTech [ ]
PocketMirror from Chapura [ ]