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Outline for PBS video,

Conscience of a Congressman: Carl Elliott.

by Jeremy Lewis
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By:  Theresa Steele, 2002
Second half of documentary:
Carl Elliott was attempting to run for governor of Alabama in the mid 1960s. 
George Wallace was his opposing candidate. 

Elliott was for the civil rights bills and desegregation. 
White supremacist were staunchly opposed to such a man and decided to ruin his campaign. 
The white supremacist coalition even went as far as to set up sample ballots leaving Elliott's name
off.  Wallace denied any involvement with such action. 

Elliott went to Martin Luther King for support, but MLK denied Elliott. 

Elliott decided to run his own campaign against the advice of his advisors. 
He ran 15 campaigns and came to over 500 thousand dollars in debt. 
Supporters pulled out and left Elliott for support of Wallace. 
Wallace won election. 

In 1966, Elliott went back to practicing law. 
He is in his third decade attempting to get out of debt. 
Elliott received the Profile and Courage Award and has an autobiography published. 
Elliott wants to be remembered as a friend to the poor and that he strove for education. 

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