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Aristotle's Table of Virtues:

The Means Between Extremes

adapted from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Last updated 28 Jan 2001, reformatted 11 Mar. 2013, by Jeremy Lewis
Most moral virtues, and not just courage, are understood as falling at the mean between two accompanying vices. Aristotle's list may be represented by the following table: 
Vice of Deficiency Virtuous Mean Vice of Excess
Cowardice Courage Rashness
Insensibility Temperance Intemperance
Illiberality Liberality Prodigality
Pettiness Munificence Vulgarity
Humble-mindedness High-mindedness Vaingloriness
Want of Ambition Right Ambition Over-ambition
Spiritlessness Good Temper Irascibility
Surliness Friendly Civility Obsequiousness
Ironical Depreciation Sincerity Boastfulness
Boorishness Wittiness Buffoonery
Shamelessness Modesty Bashfulness
Callousness Just Resentment Spitefulness