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Brief Speaker Biography: Dr. Jeremy Lewis

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Dr. Jeremy Lewis is Professor of Political Science at Huntingdon College. A dual citizen of the United Kingdom and United States, he holds four degrees from Oxford University (MA, BA) and the Johns Hopkins University (PhD, MA). 
  • At Huntingdon College, he currently teaches all thirteen political science courses and runs several active web sites. 
  • He holds the Master's from Oxford in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, wrote his PhD at Johns Hopkins in American Politics, and has specialized in comparative official information policy.
  • Educated in International Relations at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), he is a board member (and the webmaster) of Alabama World Affairs Council and teaches the Foreign Policy Assocation's program, Great Decisions.  (See www.AWAC.US.)
  • He has had book chapters plus articles and reviews published in political science and interdisciplinary journals and anthologies.
  • He edited an interdisciplinary anthology on issues of Justice. 
  • He has given keynote presentations on official transparency to conferences in Washington DC, Bratislava, Slovakia and elsewhere, and has presented papers on politics and public administration at dozens of conferences worldwide. 
  • He serves as vice-chair of the research committee on comparative administrative culture of the International Political Science Association, convening several global panels of speakers at world congresses every two years. 
  • His languages include French, Spanish and some German, Italian and Latin.
  • Other notes
  • He has served frequently as a political guest analyst on television, (including a couple of appearances on NBC nightly news, analyzing the Iowa caucuses). 
  • He previously worked at two state universities (in New York and Iowa) and at Wellesley College and Colby College.
  • For ten years he served as a consultant on information policy and administrative practice to the federal government.
  • For a while, he chaired the Humanities department at HC.
  • Dr. Lewis is married to Connie who manages writers of software documentation.
  • They have two grown daughters who are both political scientists in Washington DC.
  • In his spare time, although he no longer plays, coaches or referees rugby or association football, Lewis is an occasional sailor and windsurfer.