Prof. Leonid Smorgunov speaks
St. Petersburg 2015: Governance panel
Prof. Jeremy Lewis gives keynote address to international seminar at St. Petersburg , Russia
St. Petersburg 2015: Keynote address
St. Petersburg 2015: Governance panel

St. Petersburg 2015: participants
Key terms for St. Petersburg seminar June 2015
St. Petersburg 2015: Word cloud poster
St. Petersburg 2015: Governance panel
St. Petersburg 2015: Governance and Public Policy seminar. images from Leonid Smorgunov, one enhanced by Chris Payne; album for the web by Jeremy Lewis

IPSA RC 48: Research Committee on Administrative Culture

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RC-48 International Seminar on Governance of Public Policy, Russia, 2015:
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“Governance of Public Policy: Cultures and Regimes in Networking Contexts.”

St. Petersburg, Russia, 27-28 June 2015
June 27-28, 2015 the St. Petersburg State University, Russia, hosted the International seminar "Governance of Public Policy: Cultures and Regimes in Networking Contexts." The seminar was organized by the IPSA Research Committee 48 - Administrative Culture, and the Research Committee on Comparative Politics of the Russian Political Science Association. The seminar was attended by scientists from Argentina, Canada, Hungary, Poland, the United States and eight regions of Russia. The Dean of the Faculty of Political Science at  the St. Petersburg State University Stanislav Eremeev greeted the participants. The welcoming speeches and keynote presentations were made by the vice-chairs  of the IPSA RC 48 Jeremy Lewis (the USA) and Leonid Smorgunov (Russia). There were four plenary sessions and three panels. Participants discussed issues of transparency in public policy; governance  of the multi-vector public policy; governance  of public policy for inclusive economic growth; the role of global networks in the governance of public policy; governance, democratization and public policy in different countries of the world (Latin America, Russia, Canada, Poland, Hungary and other countries); the coordination of the state, civil society and business in public policy; the development of social networks and their inclusion in public policy; urban public policy, and others.
by Prof. Leonid Smorgunov

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