Madrid 2012, panel 2, Current Issues

Madrid 2012, panel 2, Current Issues

Madrid 2012, panel 2, Current Issues

Madrid 2012, panel 2, Current Issues

Madrid 2012, panel 2, Current Issues

Madrid 2012, panel 2, Current Issues

Madrid 2012, business meeting

Madrid 2012, panel 2, Current Issues
Madrid 2012, images from Jayanta Krishna Sharma (upper row) and Rachna Dutt Goswami (lower row); edited for the web by Jeremy Lewis

IPSA RC 48: Research Committee on Administrative Culture

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Minutes of the Business Meeting of RC 48, held on Tuesday 10 July

Dr Rosamund Thomas (Chair) called the meeting to order, and delivered a welcome and introductory remarks. There followed administrative reports from the Chair.

Dr. Thomas congratulated the organizers of the regional conference held in India under the auspices of Prof. Ram Dutt Sharma (former chair).  A contact sheet was circulated to the members. Future IPSA congresses were to be held every two years (instead of every three years) and the chair offered to present to IPSA the views of the members on that issue.  After some discussion, the consensus of the meeting was that every two years was acceptable.

Prof. Leonid Smorgunov (Vice-chair) reported that he will be holding a regional workshop with the Russian PSA in June 2013.

Prof. Jeremy R T Lewis (Vice-chair and webmaster) reported on progress, presented the draft website; and the members gave approval by consensus.  Images could be added later from photos taken by members at the conference.  He also explained the new webcentric process provided by IPSA for submissions of abstracts, and acceptances of papers to panels.  Only those submitted online to could be seen and accepted by the convenor.  Submission of abstracts by other means, such as email, did not permit selection by Dr. Lewis in the online system.  In the spirit of inclusiveness, all of those abstracts submitted via had been accepted, to fill 2 panels with 6 papers each.  Additionally, co-chairs of panels and co-discussants had been selected among those not submitting abstracts.

Prof. Ram Dutt Sharma (former chair) moved to confirm the appointments of three of the current officers (Thomas as Chair, Smorgunov as Vice-chair, and Lewis as Vice-chair) while replacing the absent Dr. Krishna Kanth with Dr. Ashok Ronjan Basu as Secretary.  The motion was approved by voice vote without opposition.

There followed paper presentations by those members who, not having submitted abstracts via the process, had nontheless journeyed to Madrid for the purpose.  Dr. Basu presented a conceptual formula on the components of corruption.  Dr. Goswami presented the results of an opinion survey on strategies to control corruption in Jammu and Kashmir.  Finally, Dr. Pramod Sharma presented his paper on India.

(In the absence of the outgoing secretary, these minutes were noted by Dr. Lewis.)

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