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HC publicity shot by Cat Reinehr, in April '07.

Graduation '08: Charles Walters '08 (for M.Div, Duke U.) and Amanda Spiegel '08
Parliament, May '06
British politics group at Parliament:
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US Air Force's Distinguished Educator Tour of training, 
23-25 Feb '05, Images:
09 Dr. Lewis's Album
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04 training jets, some USAF images
02 Special Forces
05 Special Forces, USAF images
06 Recruits' First Day, uniform fittings
03 Dorm
00 Recruits' Warrior Week (5), Tear Gas drills
07 Tear Gas Equipment Confidence Drills
08 Graduation from Basic Training
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Internet's political effect research community (2000)
Hispanic Film List & Report, Cuba 2000, 
by Mark Ebel PhD 

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Professional pages

Most recent professional activities
  • Presentation to the Alabama Political Science Association Conference, Huntsville, AL, April 2010.
  • "From Electronic FOIA (EFOIA) to e-Government: the Development of Online Official Information Services, 1985-2009," Chapter 3 in Handbook of Public Information Systems, Third Edition, G. David Garson and Chris Shea, eds. CRC Press, March 2010.
  • "Tide of Security Secrecy, Tide of Transparency: The G.W. Bush and Obama Administrations, 2001-2009," Chapter 4 in Handbook of Public Information Systems, Third Edition, G. David Garson and Chris Shea, eds. CRC Press, March 2010.
  • Member of the editorial board of Open Government: A Journal on Freedom of Information, Feb.2009-.
  • Numerous unpublished, peer reviews for journals and book publishers.
  • Participant, Course on Pre-Law Advising, and Annual Conference, American PSA, 26-30 Aug. 2008
  • Participant, International Conference on the Right to Public Information, Jimmy Carter Center, Atlanta, 27-29 Feb. 2008.
  • Conference for Department Chairs, and Conference on Teaching and Learning, American PSA, Charlotte NC, Feb. 2007
  • Shakespeare and Politics, paper for the Alabama PSA conference April 2006.
  • Lecture on Sir John Major's career, "From the Miners to Major: A League of Change in Recent British Politics" [Powerpoint file, 1MB] Buena Vista University, Iowa, ACES program.  Public lecture, evening faculty-student seminar and three morning classes on public administration, constitutional law and American law, 12-13 Sep. 2005.
  • Quoted extensively in newspaper article on terrorist bombings in London, 8 July '05
  • "Impact of the W. Bush administration on official information, privacy and security issues, 2001-04."  A paper [proposal] [references] for the Alabama Political Science Association conference, Jacksonville, AL,  1 Apr. 2005.
  • "Electronic freedom of information, privacy and security issues during the W. Bush administration." Succesful grant proposal for faculty-student research, for the HC Faculty Renewal Alumni Minigrant Project, Jan. 2005.
  • "Electronic freedom of information, privacy and security issues during the W. Bush administration." [References] A paper for the Southern Political Science Association conference, New Orleans, 7 Jan. 2005.
  • Keynote presentation to Model United Nations organized by Booker T. Washington magnet school, "China and Taiwan: Development, Coexistence and Tensions".  Auburn University Montgomery, 19 April 2004.
  • Presentation at SAASS, July 9, 2003: "Strategy versus Politics, Technology versus Expertise: on the Twenty-first Anniversary of the Battle of the Falklands /Malvinas, May-June 1982." Maxwell AFB.
  • Presentation for Air War College commandant and faculty, "Strategy, Technology and Expertise: The Battle of the Falklands /Malvinas, May-June 1982," (21st Anniversary, June 2003), Dept. of Warfighting, AWC, Maxwell AFB.
  • Presentation notes for three speeches on US foreign policy during the war with Iraq, spring 2003: "Multilateralism ...", "Future of Europe ..." and "Dilemma in the Des[s]ert ...".
  • 3 Newspaper op-ed articles, Montgomery Advertiser, 16-19 April 2003:

  • Blair takes larger risks | War on Iraq tests Faith | Bush Thrives on War |
    Nielsen TV ratings, 9 Apr 2003 for Dr. Lewis's appearance on WSFA about war.
    Penultimate drafts of my published, scholarly materials
    All rights reserved. Please cite properly any short quotes taken under fair use.
  • Two anthology chapters in 2010
  • Best & Lewis, "PERT - Critical Path Method", in Jack Rabin (ed), Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy, 2003.
  • "FOIA & Emergence of Federal Information Policy in 1980s-1990s," (2000)
  •     | Contents | Bibliography | Table. |
  • "Electronic Access to Public Records," (2000).  | Contents. |  Bibliography.
  • "Reinventing (Open) Government: State and Federal Trends." (1995). Abstract & Contents.
  • "The Next Cycle of FOIA Policy?" (1994.)
  • "New Technologies and FOIA Processing." (1993).
  • 15 entries, ranging from Spiro Agnew to George Wallace, in Encyclopedia of American Political Parties and Elections, (1991).
  • "Freedom of Information: Developments in the United Kingdom." (1989).
  • Sets of book reviews for journals: PSJ '89 | ESJ '95 | ESJ '96 |

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