Marine Environmental Science Minor

The Minor in Marine Environmental Science requires the completion of 16 hours of courses in the Marine Sciences at Dauphin Island Sea Lab.  Since the courses at Dauphin Island are offered only during the summer, two summers will generally be needed to complete the Minor (see the summer program bulletin here).  Accordingly, Principles of Biology I and II with laboratories should be taken no later than Sophomore year.  Course offerings during the summer programs vary to some extent from year to year, but Oceanography and Marine Biology are standard.  Upper level courses include Coastal Ornithology, Marine Botany, Marine Ecology, and others.  In addition, it is possible for advanced students to conduct independent research projects for academic credit.

It should be noted that many of the upper level Marine Science courses have specific prerequisites.  Advisors work closely with each student to ensure completion of the courses needed.

Dr. Paul Gier is the Huntingdon College Program Coordinator for the Dauphin Island Summer Programs